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How It Works

Dirt Removal with JunkZoo

Dirt removal is not always easy. With massive tonnes of dirt, it’s hard and often time-consuming work. JunkZoo can help! We save you time and effort and take that dirt off your hands with quick and easy budget-friendly dirt pickup services.

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Our quick and easy dirt removal is another of our great same and next day services. As soon as today, our friendly uniformed professionals can be there to pick up and dispose of your dirt with ease and within minutes even your excess soil and sod can be gone, leaving you to free from the weight of all that work!

What We Do

It’s easy, after digging up all that soil or sod, give JunkZoo a call and we can dispose of it today. Our comprehensive pricing is all-inclusive, incorporating the dirt’s weight with all labour and disposal costs, ensuring you just pay for the dirt in our truck at the end of the day!

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To schedule a free estimate for your dirt pickup, book with JunkZoo. Our same and next day service means that pile of soil can be gone as soon as today – Book Online!

For more information or to speak to a member of the JunkZoo call us today at Our Number!

What We Remove

We Remove, Pickup, and Haul:

  • Dirt
  • Sod
  • Turf
  • Soil

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Our team will call 30 minutes prior to their arrival for your removal appointment.

We can remove virtually anything (except hazardous waste). Just point and we do the rest.

We partner with local charities and recyclers to extend the life of your junk.

Take comfort in the fact that we're 100% licensed and insured for junk removal. You're safe with us.

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